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    VICKY NG's testimony about her one year mission trip with OM and Zambia MMM - English article

Vicky Ng Ching-yin


Dear friends,

Muli Shani (How are you?)

It is now becoming cooler and cooler. Although I don't enjoy it very much with the coldness in the morning (about 15¢Xc), in the afternoon it is lovely with warming sunshine and calm weather. As we are having dry season, electrical supply becomes very steady.

Update in MMM
The second school term started on 8/5. The Construction Management students have practiced painting. The tailoring students are making dresses, the carpentry students are making a cabinet as a group assignment, and the bricklaying students were distributed to different area to practise on real projects.

Property development
There are some projects processed inside MMM property, including the extension of the school and drafting of staff houses and units for short-term team. As part of the team, I realized that it is not based on how much money we have. We are proposing the floor plans and they will be submitted to the council for approval. I learned to work as a way to trust God. One day when we discussed the future planning of the staff house, I asked, "Where is the money?" Then, the reply was, " If we have money, we don't need faith!!!"

Library Session
I am dealing with the library books, including data entry and being a librarian. It is enjoyable as I also benefit from these resources. In fact, there is no public library in Ndola. The people hardly find ways to learn languages and knowledge. This is my wish that the students are making use of this facility and learn to be librarians.

I got a "paradise"
Now is harvest season for pumpkins. I have never seen the pumpkins (with different sizes and shapes) flooding on the floor in the market in HK. When I eat mashed pumpkin with butter and sugar, I feel like in paradise (haha). One day a local lady gave me a pumpkin from her farm and, said, "I have brought you a "paradise". As we enjoyed the meal together, she told me about the importance of having a farm as a way to provide their daily need.

Are we doing the right thing?
Living in Zambia helps me understand poverty and how to relate to people in poverty. I have tried to give them physical need as a way of encouragement. But somehow it may not help but do harm. Some people seeing us as foreigners would ask, "Give me money." But they don't realize they have the gift to work and resources. Why can't they build up by using their hands? I really want to do the right thing, instead of having a fairy dream of solving poverty of all sorts of aids.

The deadly cause is "dependency". Let people DO IT is a way to boost them up and fight for their future. By training and providing opportunities, changes will happen.

Korean friends
It was amazing to meet a Korean couple who have been working in Zambia as missionaries for over 5 years. I really thank God for bringing different people in my life so that we can learn and encourage each other. They treat me as their sister and cooked traditional food, like mixed rice with Chilli source and Kim chi. I enjoyed being with them who gave me spiritual support and knowledge.

Being a missionary doesn't mean we are stronger, we do need partners and encouragement.

Sharing - The Best of Life
Do not hurry
Do not worry
Grip your purpose and be true,
Day must measure
God's own pleasure
When this truth is plain to you.
Then be steady,
Always ready
Never murmur
Do you part,
Light each duty
With the beauty
Of a wholesome, happy heart. - By Unknown

How is your life?

Prayer Requests

Praise God as He is alive and faithful.

Praise God for guiding MMM Zambia with the training centre which provides space to serve.

Pray for my last three-month-service in Zambia. I seek God's guidance in the future and try my best in working here.

Thank God for protecting my family in HK.

Thank God for two-week-journey in Dar Es Salaam, capital of Tanzania. It was encouraged as I stayed with Indian-Tanzanian family.

Praise God for leading me to work and build up relationship with local people. Some may worry about me and suggest me to come back earlier, but I enjoyed this life-changing lesson.

Pray for my spiritual strength as I don't know how to encourage myself!!!




Vicky Ng Ching-yin

My dear friends,

Greetings from MMM Zambia
Muli Shani! (How are you?)

Is there any bird flu virus in HK? The weather must be changing often in these few months. I hope you are keeping healthy and strong.

Thank you for your caring for me through emails and telephone calls. It has encouraged me a lot to face all challenges here.

Today is the 18th of March. Over half of my overseas journey has gone. I am so grateful that God opened my eyes to see the people and understand their stories. As my father has said, ¡§Don't take things for granted.¡¨ I will seek this opportunity to learn.

I will return in August. When I come back, how will I be?

Update in MMM
Something not planned
Two Australian men have passed through Zambia after traveling from Namibia. One of them has helped MMM HK office for 15 years, as an electrician. When they arrived here, there were three electricians in MMM. They decided it was a good chance to relocate all carpentry machines into the new workshop. Within two days, with the assistance of the students, they made an opening between two workshops and moved all the big machines. Such a quick move was not scheduled, but God just brought people to work at a particular time.
The students of the construction management are helping dig the ground for installing the electrical cables.
It is good to make progress for relocating the machines with a vision that the carpentry students can practise safely.

Leadership Training
In early March, all staff members joined together for leadership training for three days. We then discovered our own characters and potential. I found it very true that ¡§Leaders are not a position. It is a function.¡¨ By really applying and working with people, we can be leaders, without any name or title.

Food shortage?
A friend asked me if there is a food shortage problem in Africa. Honestly speaking, I know nothing about the news here. It is possible that food shortage happens in some remote area. In Ndola, everything is normal and we can buy all we need. The local people can also get the food from farming, like milling meal from maize, peanut, pumpkin leaves, tomatoes¡K
There are food shortage problem, as I know from other Zambians. In Zimbabwe, farming is not widely practised and the people rely on external support. It makes the country vulnerable.

Morning tea
Every day, all the staff can sit together and have a cup of tea in the staff lounge from 9:10 am to 9:30am. It is for the staff to refresh and pray together for our need and other MMM office. I think we should introduce this morning-tea-culture in Hong Kong so that they can be most relaxed!

A little story
Zambia has successfully fought for independence from Britain.
Before 1964, Zambia was under British control. The Zambians were treated unequally. They were not allowed to enter the shops owned by the foreigners. Whenever they wanted to buy the things, they must paid and get the goods through the windows.
One day, a Zambian wanted to buy a bicycle. After paying the money through the window, the shopkeeper brought the bicycle through the main door to the customer. But the Zambian refused and said, ¡§Since we can only buy the things through the windows, you must give me the bicycle through the window.¡¨ They started quarrelling and more people were attracted by their conversation.
This true story resulted in a struggle to fight against the colonial power.
It is very difficult to imagine the scenario as we are enjoying freedom nowadays. I hope we are all appreciating and enjoying what we have.

I have learnt that apart from telling people to love, there are tones of ways to express.
These five elements are powerful that you can use everyday.

(appreciation and encouragement)
(by getting hands dirty or giving warming hospitality)
Physical touch
Quality time

(BE THERE with them)

Prayer Points
- Thank God for good relationship with students and staff. Some have asked me to show them kung fu.
- Thank God for good health. This is what I am amazed of as I am protected from Malaria.
- Pray for my family that they are safe and healthy in HK.
- Please pray for HIV problems. Since the people are not conscious of sex, the disease pass through the babies who suffering from life-long medication and weak bodies.

I wish you all happiness and contentment everyday,





Vicky Ng Ching-yin (A message received through email on 14/2/2006)

Dear Friends,

It is a long time since I have seen your faces. Maybe you are fighting with a final year project or working very hard in the office, or checking email at home before bed. I really feel happy that emailing can bring us so near, though we are thousands of miles apart!

Here are some greetings in Bemba, the most common local language in Zambia.

Mwa Shibukeni ( Good morning)
Muli Shani ( How are you?)
Bwino ( I am fine.)
I can only speak these sentences, NO MORE!

Drawing without tools
Most of the students in the bricklaying class cannot afford to buy rulers and triangle rulers. When I asked them, " Can you prepare the equipment for the course?" One of them replied, " If you give me money, I will buy!"

It is time to start where we are up to. And it is amazing that even though they don't have sufficient facilities, some of the students can do an excellent work.

I am scared!!!
It is not easy to go everywhere on my own. In town, some guys would try to greet me, saying " Hey, China" or " Hi
mummy". It is better to ignore them. Although they don't harm other people, I have to be very conscious.

My friends, please remember my safety in your prayers!!!

However, it is completely safe in MMM residential area as there are four dogs taking charge to guard the area. The local people are horribly scared.

Food along the street
Food in Zambia is quite simple, Beans, tomatoes, onions, pumpkin leaves, potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, bananas, apples, dried fish and even caterpillars (dried worms) can be easily found on the street. Since the sales women are farmers, they cannot afford to rent a shop to sell the food. During the day, they need to bear the killing sunrays. Better are those who have umbrellas!

We are different!
Although the Zambians are used to working at a slow pace, they are satisfied! They are satisfied just sitting around with friends. They are satisfied with eating Nshima (made by maize). They are satisfied with getting any job. I am encouraged by their faith in God. They trust God and praise Him for their lives.

What is really worthy?

It seems human can achieve many things. But sometimes we cannot tell others the emptiness in our heart. God not only brings us eternal life, he also teaches us how to live NOW.

"Be happy and do good while they live, that everyone may eat and drink and find satisfaction in all his toil- this is the gift of God."
Ecclesiastics 3:12-13

Prayer Requests
There is a prayer that touched me very much. When Elijah alone stood up in front of 450 Baal prophets with confidence. he
prayed God for His own glory.

"O Lord...Let it be known today that You are God in Israel and that I am Your servant and have done all these things at Your command."
1King 18:36

In prayer, we can learn to be a good listener and servant for the Lord. We are servants and Jesus is the Lord.

Praise God for the Vocational Training Centre that more students have enrolled for carpentry and construction management courses. The tailors have finished the first clothes and the carpenters the first table!
Praise God for enjoyment being with local people. Local people like talking. We can laugh and share our daily life.
Pray for my safety. Ask God to keep me safe when I need to go to the town for buying food and accessories.
Pray God to supply the students who still cannot pay the school fee.
Pray for all the staff here that we can serve from our heart.
Pray for the water supply in Ndola. There has been no water supply for over two days now! Thank God for the underground-water supply in bore hole in MMM.

Let us pray for each other and walk with God every day.



Vicky Ng Ching-yin (A message received through email on 28/1/2006)

Dear Friends,

Happy Lunar New Year!
My wish for you is that all of you can collect a lot of blessings, including red pockets! HAHA my mother will help me save the red pockets also.
I miss the Chinese seafood and soy sauce chicken, especially during this important festival. But I will keep enjoying the life here and look forward to eating soy sauce chicken cooked by my father.

Update in MMM
Every staff member has a variety of work in MMM. It means flexibility is essential. The work is challenging too. Teaching technical drawing and drafting the building plans are not new to me but I find it stressful to accomplish. It is the starting point to really understand the basic structure. It requires much discussion with other members and understanding about the costing and the materials. This is my hope that we can work as a team and be humble and open-minded to do the work. Without praying, there is no way to keep the strength and passion to do it.

My name is Howard Robinson
I was surprised to receive a phone call from MMM HK office. When I asked the man in the phone to leave his name and message, he replied, my name is Howard Robinson. (The director of MMM HK office)
I immediately jumped up and cried, Howard, I am Vicky. We had a wonderful conversation and let each other know the situation we were facing. I also talked with Agnes, the secretary of MMM HK office. By hearing their voices, I was encouraged and motivated.
The funny thing is, I found it strange to speak in Cantonese!!!

Every where is Made in China
There is a major town in Ndola where we can buy food, clothes (that you can find in Ladies Street), and electrical appliances. Most of them are imported from China. But the prices are at least two to three times higher than those in Hong Kong. Can you imagine that the clothes in Ladies Street are high-class fashion here!

A curious Hong Kong man
I met a Hong Kong man when I was waiting for a mini-bus to the town at the highway. Then a car stopped in front of me and spoke to me in Mandarin. We didn¡¦t know we were both from Hong Kong until introducing ourselves. He has a copper business in Zambia. It was his FIRST time meeting a Hong Kong person, and mine too! You can see how rare the Hong Kong people are in this Mid- African country!


If the message of Christian missions is to reaching living people,
it must show them how they can make the Christian message a reality in every area of life,
and this must include material culture as well as all other aspects.

Customs, Culture and Christianity by E. A. Nida

One day, a lady studying carpentry told me, I am making a meeting table! I was amazed to hear her say this, and wondered how GREAT God is that He can mould people [men and women] in all ways.

It is joyful to live so practically and purposefully!

Prayer Requests
Praise God for giving me good health and digestion, even better then when I was in HK!
Praise God for the service here. By teaching and drafting the plan I can learn step by step how building can help people.
Pray for the proposal for the school extension. MMM has a vision to develop a more spacious and well equipped environment for the trainees. Pray for knowing God¡¦s plan and getting enough funding for the project.
Pray for David (from Australia) who has just finished one year project service in MMM. He will stay in South Africa to help MMM projects for about two weeks. Please pray for his adaptation to a new life at home in Australia.
Please remember some students in MMM Vocational Training Center that they still cannot pay for the school fees.
Please keep in touch!

You are welcome to call me while I am working in the office.
Time: Friday from 1pm to 6pm in Hong Kong time
The number is +260 (02) 68 0076



Vicky Ng Ching-yin (A message received through email on 5/1/2006)

Dear Friends,

How was the New Year? It was a special New Year for me as I had a romantic time with God ONLY! But I also had company who enjoyed meals with me during the holiday.

Hope we all have a good start in this new year!

Whom are MMM supporting?

Let me introduce one organization MMM is helping. The community center, Isubilo is now serving in the township. This center was previously a bar for both white and local people. It has now become a center for children and youth, together with a small clinic.

The major services are to provide medication to HIV positive patients in the township, provide food support for the poor and financial support for students. Many kids will treat Isubilo as the second home. I also felt excited when seeing them enjoying playing together. As the director of Isubilo shared, ¡§Games are essential for the children as they can learn to follows rules but have fun!¡¨

MMM is now helping the center by building classrooms and a hall. Right now the foundation has almost finished.

Important Lesson

Hong Kong and Ndola (Zambia) are two extremes. Imagine all the towers in Hong Kong becomes trees and all the people become grass. That is where MMM is located.

Being here lets me understand how to enjoy life. Though there is no more shopping, TV¡K like I did in HK. Even in Christmas and New Year Eve not many people celebrated by buying presents or having buffets. But we can still be calm in the holiday.

Having time to rest, I found that it is more important to know God with less work that much work without Knowing God.


¡§What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?¡¨ Matt 16:26

Knowing my goal in life can help us decide the road ahead.

Prayer Requests

Praise God I still survive!
Praise God for providing all I need and good health.
Pray for the new school term of MMM Vocational Training Centre that all the students (Bricklaying, Carpentry, construction management, tailoring and computer courses) can be equipped for the future.
Pray for good partnership with local people and other Australian missionaries.
Pray for my safety in the compound (As there are many drunk men!)




Vicky Ng Ching-yin (A message received through email on 24/11/2005)

Dear Friends,

How are you? Time is running all the time. I have been away for over three months. The biggest surprise for me is meeting my family from all over the world.

Update news
The working permit in Zambia has been issued. I will take a flight from Johannesburg to Ndola, Zambia on 24th November. Thanks to the Indian family who took care of me during these few weeks and helped me to make all the travel arrangements.

Within the ¡¥Gap¡¦ period, what did I do?
I was surprised to join OM travelling team to visit schools, churches and also the township area where comparatively poor black people live.

When I saw the houses in the township, it became a big contrast to what I learnt about architecture in Hong Kong. They were built by the government for allocating to poor people. The smallest one has only one window and one door, with bricks exposed outside. The internal area is probably only 4 by 4 sq metres.
It made me think, what do people need in a house? They don't need ¡¥special¡¦ design but a usable shelter and facilities.

My little daughter
In the township, we met teenagers in the church. As they have no books and Bibles, it is very hard to grow up. One of the teenage girls, named Nuzipho, asked me to be her ¡¥mother¡¦. I was shocked as I am so young. Indeed her meaning was she wanted me to be her big sister. I would like to be! By giving her a Bible story book, she can read for other children and also enrich her knowledge.

I have seen a funny scenario in other township area too. The young people danced and sang in the outdoor area, preparing for outreach ministry. My heart was jumping as they danced. Although I couldn't join them, I admired their enjoyment and talents. God is willing to use anything for His Kingdom.

How great that I could enjoy International food. In Indian culture, they welcome visitors to eat at home, rather than outside. I couldn't stop eating curry, nearly went crazy. Once we tasted African pub which is made of corn. We used our hands to squeeze the pub with sauces. It was cross-culture training!
I have tried to make steamed egg, fried rice and bean dessert ( zha zha ) for the Indian family.
I encourage anyone who wants to be a missionary, to learn cooking. You can give much comfort to other people.

¡§God teaches the heart not by ideas, but by pains and contradictions.¡¨
--- Jean Pierre de Caussade

Christians may be bored hearing the Bible every week. I believe that the Bible was written for human life. We cannot understand unless we believe and walk through the message. Moreover we have to suffer for God and that is the way to know what real LOVE is.

Prayer requests
1) Thank God that He opened the way for me to go to Zambia. The arrangement of flights was also smooth.

2) Thank God for having a wonderful time in Durban, South Africa. I was able to share with people and join the Indian family with joy.

3) Thank God that my family is at peace.

4) Pray for the Indian missionary family to have clear direction and mission field.

5) Pray for the partnership with MMM in Zambia. I will be involved in project and administration.

Best Wishes,




Vicky Ng Ching-yin (A message received through email on 16/9/2005)

Dear Howard and Agnes,
How are you? Please help me forward this message to Howard?
I remember your words of encouragement to me; Let's focus on His word and serve Him with a humble and happy soul.
I haven't contacted MMM in Zambia yet as I still need time to decide the exact plan and date to go to Zambia. Please inform me of how I should prepare for serving there. Thanks.

I miss you all. The only reason that we are all tied together is love.
If you have any difficulties, please share them with me. God will make a way.

I have some memories to share with you.

Thank God that I have learnt how to make ice-cream for people and see them enjoy it on the ship.
I have learnt to sing Korean and Swiss songs to praise our great Father.

When I have to clean the toilet full of smelly tissues and dirt, I started to respect all the cleaning workers in the world!!!

When I see people all working on the ship, I know God will use all of us, no matter who you are; cleaning, cooking, typing, photo-taking, singing, dancing, talking or playing!!!

I have learnt to be a responsible person who follows others to separate the rubbish into plastic, paper and food categories.
I learnt to treat God's word as the starting point of my life. People here know how to balance their life by having TEA TIME, reading books or sharing what they are thinking or playing or being quite to hear from God.

There was my first time performing drama on the Asian Night (mini performance for public guests). Although it was only 3-4 minutes, I felt every muscle was moving and telling a story for God, and the message of the drama was: Apart from working, eating, sleeping, entertainment, sport and death, there must be something more in our life!

I realized that after eating so much bread and potatoes, my shape changed! OK, I will take precautions as soon as possible. Please pray for that!

Message from the Bible
One day we went to the beach for devotion. In the morning we all read through Ephesians in chapter two, I was touched by the meaning of Church.
Jesus has given a gift for all of us by his suffering, and we are the ones to give to other people too! And it is kept on spreading to all corners of the world. So let us have global eyes to see how Sharing and Giving join the world together!

Some things we can pray for
Pray for you guys when working in Hong Kong. I appreciate your hard-work. Whenever you feel tired, seek God and refresh your focus of life and ask Him for more power to face the pressure.

Pray for health of Doulos crews as many of us get sick because of the enclosed area in the ship.
Pray for safety in S.Africa as robbery and gangsters are almost everywhere. We have to go out at least with a partner.
Thank you for your support.
I hope all of you be blessed with Hope and Love.
In Him,




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