Knowing that your effort has been worthwhile!
    VOLUNTEER :Uncle Kan Kwok (Kan Suk), MMM Volunteer for 10 Years
    Interviewed By Betty Fung

Mr. Kwok or Uncle Kan has been working in interior construction business for more than 40 years. He is a devoted and active member of C&M Sham Shiu Po Church. In 2004, one of his church mate Pearl, who has been serving at MMM for a while, introduced MMM to Uncle Kan. She also invited Graham Young, Regional Director of MMM to share the work of MMM at her church which enabled Uncle Kan to learn more about the organization. Afterward, Uncle Kan proactively joined the Prayer meeting of MMM and attended the activity very often.

Uncle Kan decided to join the Guizhou Project in the summer within the same year and dedicated to serving God with his professional skills. He revealed to us that the task assigned to him in the first day were painting and plastering only. ¡§I am not good at both,¡¨ Uncle Kan laughed as he was trained as a carpenter. The trip to Guizhou was so impressive to Uncle Kan which deeply inspired and convinced him to serve MMM.  In 2006, Uncle Kwok invited his wife Winnie to join the Han Yang Project also, then both of them engaged the projects together very often.

In the last 10 years, Uncle Kan would effectively organized his business in advance and then participated in MMM projects regardless of whether the project was lasted for one week, two weeks or three weeks. As a result, he became the core member of Mainland China Projects. We asked Uncle Kan how he could manage his business when he was away from HK working for the projects. He replied that he would either adjusted the working schedule or remotely monitor the progress by calling the staff in HK. Uncle Kan concluded that his business has never been adversely affected in the last ten years due to his services at MMM. He spent two to three weeks for at least two projects per year.

The brief interview with Uncle Kan brought back the impression he left for me. Since both of us joined MMM project in mainland China in 2014, I have been witnessing his profound commitment and dedication to MMM. With his sincere, down-to-earth and easy-going personality, he always makes everyone laugh and happy when we were working on the project.

On the other hand, he found himself so fortunate and joyful when he jointly worked with Winnie at the projects. He appreciated the tender loving care he received from Winnie and proud of having the ability to serve God with his hands. Uncle Kan¡¦s confidence and commitment to devote his time for the services at the expenses of his business has earned our high respect and acknowledgement.

At the end of the interview, we invited him to say a few words to us. ¡§Everyone should continue to make our own best effort,¡¨ concluded by Uncle Kan. I was so impressed by his simple but meaningful statement. He is right. ¡§Everyone¡¨ stands for all fellows at MMM, ¡§Continue¡¨ means our persistence and continuity from one generation to another generation¡¨. ¡§Making our own best effort¡¨ is what we need to strive for.

We are very grateful for Uncle Kan and Winnie¡¦s contribution to MMM in the past 10 years. May God bless both of them and make them as the inspiration of other people.



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