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A different journey started from the 21st of August

    Three weeks later it finished on 10th of September .That's too short, to me, it's too short.
    I have been working in the educational field for seven years. I know I'm not a very good teacher, I don't have a good teaching technique and sometimes I'm lazy. But I'm thankful for my principal and colleagues as they always point this out, with patience and forgiveness. So, on the whole I have taken the responsibility for myself and for others. Honestly I think a persons behavior is more important than knowledge. (Although you need to have basic knowledge to survive, what I'm saying is behavior is more important than knowledge. If you have a lot of knowledge but act badly what good is your knowledge?) The best education is to teach by personal example. These days many of the teachers consider their job as just work. They work hard without heart and they don't realize how they are affecting the next generation. Moreover they don't realize their workplace is full of meaning, responsibility and family love. I will say loudly, ¡§I have made a big effort to be a good personal example. I like my career. I love to use my life to help and change other people who have needs. I hope my life will be a good model to students.¡¨
    This generation of kids is changing, so the Hong Kong Government wants to upgrade the teacher's qualification. I realized it won't be enough for me to stay in this career until I retire. (I tell you a secret I have always treated being a teacher as a long life career.) One day I will be disqualified as a teacher but I don't want that to happen. I don't want to see the next generation have knowledge but without responsibility, without thinking and consideration. That's why I decided to study overseas, so that in the future Hong Kong will have one more teacher that will emphasize being a personal example, with heart and conscientiousness. I believe I am now equipping myself so God can use me to glorify him through this kind of work.
    The bolded sentences above are the theme of my sharing. This is my vision from God. That's also my response to God. I thank God that he is guiding me step by step. This year I had my term break in Hong Kong and I had a chance to join the Sanming Children's Village Project with MMM. This helped me to solidify my vision, and broaden my view of my future work in education. During this time I saw myself as very small, although it's not that I thought of myself as great. In Hong Kong I did very little for others and what I did in Sanming is still only a little because China is a big country. What we did only benefited a little corner. Suddenly I realized how fortunate I have been in my life for over twenty years, so now this is the time to give. I asked God again to let me see and help more. No matter how hard or how high the costs I don't care, I will try. I know I have too little love for people not nearly enough to comfort and help needy people. God's love is so great and such a big thing to understand. When you compare my love to God's love on the cross my love is nothing. I beg God to forgive me and have mercy on me, bless me so that I can bless!
    People are unqualified to serve God, but by the love of God and Jesus sacrifice we can serve with His great love.
    Therefore you can't put love on a scale if you did you would despise love...........

Love doesn't ask for payment.

(English translated from Chinese)

    Jeffrey Lam While I was at the Children's village I experienced happy, angry, sad, and fun times. Although I felt like that, it gave me plenty of time to draw close to God. Thank God. Every time I serve the Lord with MMM I never missed getting something. I thank God for this. I anticipated a good time at the children's village and this time was not an exception. After returning home God lead me to pray for my second brother and his wife. God reminded me to care for my family. Also God gave me the option of changing my job. I'm pretty sure this new job was an opportunity to equip me to serve the Lord.

My job offers were:

    (1) Installing water heaters, which is what I usually do. The wages seemed good. But I have rejected this option because deep in my heart I know this is not what I am seeking, for it didn't allow me to take no-pay holidays for serving with MMM.
    (2) Learning about renovation work with Mr. Kwok. This was a good opportunity because I thought ¡§I'm old to start to learn a new line of work¡¨. I know God opened this door for me so I can be better prepared to serve with MMM in the future.
    (3) Methodist Centre where Pang is now working. They offered me a job as an electrical apprentice, but I rejected this too because I thought learning renovation work will cover more skills than just electricity.
    (4) Sanming Children's Village.

I thank God he offered me that many choices.
Before when I was still in the children's village the village manager, Lorraine Chan and Veronica (board member) invited me to serve at the village. I wasn't sure if they were kidding or meant it. At that time I didn't consider this idea. But when I came back home I kept thinking about the possibility of going back to the village.

¡§Without a vision the people perish¡¨ I have quit my job and am prepared to learn about renovation work with Mr. Kwok for the next month. But I am still praying to know God's will, whether to go to the village or not. In fact I would like to go because I know they need male workers, and I also want to challenge myself. I desire to know God's purpose otherwise it will be like what the Bible says, ¡§Unless God builds the house, its builders labour in vain.¡¨ (Psalm 127:1) I don't want to damage God's image when I fail, but I deeply believe when you rely on God's power you can do anything ¡§I can do everything through him who gives me strength.¡¨ (Philippians 4:13)

In fact I am a little bit worried
(1) supporting the financial needs of my parents. But I thank God that they have good health.
(2) What I can do at the Children's Village as a Christian? If that is God's purpose I will be happy to stay as long as he wants me to stay. Then I will start learning about renovation. I believe this is God's will. ¡§His grace is sufficient for me.¡¨

(English translated from Chinese)





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