Knowing that your effort has been worthwhile!
Mission Awareness Tour (from America) - English article



Maggie Shields (Indiana Wesleyan University student) -

Working with MMM in China was the most meaningful experience in my life so far. Working with a team of people who are all there for the same purpose which is to assist missionaries in maintenance work that they don't have the means or the time to complete themselves is very important. Every mission that we worked with was so grateful for our help, and the Chinese people were amazed that Americans would come all the way to China to help them. The unseen work that God did within my heart while I was there was amazing. There is no doubt that adjusting to the Chinese culture, food, pace of life, language, and the weather was one of the hardest challenges in my life. However, God was so faithful throughout our trip. He brought us the resources we needed at the exact time we needed them which made our bodies much more ready to work. Furthermore, the smiling faces of the children in the orphanages brought me so much joy and filled my heart with love for these people. Likewise, the people who lived in the leper colony were extremely friendly. They would try to talk to me even though we didn't speak the same language. They would try to help us paint despite the fact that some of them had missing limbs! It was so unbelievable. Although I thought the 3 weeks I spent there were some of the hardest weeks of my life, I would go back in a heart beat to be with the Chinese people doing the work of the Lord.







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