Knowing that your effort has been worthwhile!
ICC Spring Project, China - English article



Agnes Leung

This was the third time I had joined MMM on projects in China. I have seen more and learnt more than before, and I can't believe the increase in my building skills. Every morning, we started clean, but when we left the village we were covered in dust and dirt. God taught me a lot about life. I am very thankful and praise Him. Many stories can be told, but I choose this one to share with you.

The parent company of the hotel we stayed at in Hengyang, operates their business from Beijing. During the time we were staying in the hotel some staff came from Beijing. The Western faces of our volunteers had caused great interest amongst the people around Hengyang. These people somehow got to know we all came as volunteers, working to help the social welfare of the handicapped children.

Towards the end of the project, some of them took money to the social welfare office, saying it was donated for the children's village and it was for their lunch. These people would usually have their meals at an expensive restaurant while training in the province. Because they have seen our work for the children, they decided they just wanted to eat at the staff canteen. They put aside the difference for the children.

To me that was much more meaningful than people just donating from their pockets! It showed love in action. We were surprised as none of us knew until the ICC manager told us the story. We came for the children, but God also changed people around us through our muddy hands.

Who can measure the work of God? It reaches out more, and much more than we thought!

Ray Hollier

What shall separate me from the love of Christ?
Shall language barriers or crowded trains or noodles for breakfast or extreme humidity or strange food or bustling crowds or mosquitoes? No, in all these things I am more than a conqueror through Him who loved me. For I am convinced that neither wet weather nor fine, neither rattling buses nor squealing brakes, neither blaring horns nor hard beds, nor idols of any kind, neither busy narrow roads nor toilets in the floor, nor anything else in all China will be able to separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Betty Hollier

Team members with their baggage in tow
Left Hong Kong one evening for China to know.
The train rattled along at a steady pace,
Some managed to sleep, others put on a brave face
Crammed into taxis, was an eye-opening, heart stopping education!
Breathing sighs of relief we arrived at our destination.
Up with the bird breakfast to eat
And out to the site, the bus ride was no treat.
It was horns blaring, brakes screeching a protest.
Move out of our way cars, bikes and the rest.
Skills we never thought we possessed emerged for us to employ
As we laboured together with concrete, bricks by the score.
Our morning tea break refreshed us and more
As we shared our Devotional time together and opened wide heavens door.
Precious family members back where they reside praying for safety world-wide ministries.
One broke our safety record by falling thru his platform door.
Praise God no further injuries for us all have been in store.
Intense heat was a constant companion morning, noon and night.
Mosquitoes did their best to leave us with a nasty bite.
Everyone laboured on wherever they were needed.
Installing lights, fans and water pipes as tasks gradually receded.
Mac's become a lifeline on more than one occasion
As we-by-passed some meals of this friendly nation.
Some windows were replaced and others refitted.
A regular and a squatty caused an embarrassed titter.
There still is further work to be completed and achieved.
Lord raise up other workers they're out there we believe.
To give these precious children a home to call their own.
And a group of dedicated helpers who rely on you alone.
All our resources come from you Lord for the blessing of others.
May they be used for you Lord as we help our Chinese brothers.







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