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    VOLUNTEER has been on several project - English article
    Jeffrey Lam For the first time, in August last year, I joined an MMM work project to Guizhou. The project was renovation work for a children's home and it lasted for three weeks. At the time I received the email from a friend about the project I was quite down, I don't know why but I still felt it was something I should do. When I applied to work on the project I thought ˇ§I'm having a holiday with MMMˇ¨. At the project I saw young and old, local and overseas brothers and sisters working together, sharing, and worshipping God. I found working with MMM had no pressure although sometimes it was busy but still joyful. During the three weeks sometimes I laughed and sometimes I cried. I could feel that God's love was among the people. God changed my mind from just wanting a holiday to wanting to serve the Lord. Thank God.

When I look back it seems quite risky and impulsive to go on the project when I didn't know much about MMM at all. But thank God my impulsiveness was absolutely right, because the whole trip made me feel very happy deep in my heart. Thank God.

Now I have been on four projects with MMM, three to the leprosy village and the Guizhou project. The reason I first went to the Leprosy Village was because I found God's grace and joy from the first trip. In the second visit I met two elderly ladies that knew Jesus already but they were filled with sorrow and told me many unhappy stories of their lives. I tried to comfort them with what little love I had, and I prayed for them. They always say we are so caring of them, but I felt quite ashamed because I didn't do much. Sometimes I donˇ¦t know what love is, what caring is, so how can I show love to people?

One day I shared these thoughts with a brother. This brother said, ˇ§God hasn't put his judgment on this world because many people are still not aware of God's loveˇ¨. This sentence is like a foundation that has been laid in my heart that I can always remember. Before I felt only people with knowledge and ability were able to serve the Lord. But God let me join with MMM to serve needy people like these ladies, showing them God's love, and when I serve I feel God's love too. I realized that God used me and God's grace is upon me because God used such an insignificant person as me to serve others through the MMM ministry. MMM builds and renovates to improve the environment for others. MMM has a slogan ˇ§Serving those who serveˇ¨. I am very eager to be on the team. Another reason I keep joining MMM teams is I feel God's love in MMM. Thank God that he has raised up such a meaningful ministry. Although I'm just doing a little bit, God will use it. In the leprosy village it is easy to hear many touching stories from the residents.

In this last year that God has brought me to serve with MMM I have experienced that serving the Lord is an honour; every time God has changed my life. Although I still have problems, when I focus on serving the Lord I find it is a source of great happiness. I want to be a loyal servant. Please use me Lord. A year ago I would not have talked about serving. I thought God had no way to use me. After this year of serving with MMM, God remolded me through his work in the MMM ministry. My goal now is to serve the Lord full-time. God has been so good to me, I have to do what pleases the Lord. The fifth time I will serve with MMM is coming soon. I will serve on the Sanming Project. This also is God's grace to me. Sometimes things go well, and sometimes not, but you have to obey the Lord. Psalm 103:2, Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits - God be with you!

(English translated from Chinese)



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