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Encouragement Team at leprosy village - English article

Kwok Ka Chun (Rafael) This is the second time I have joined an MMM Encouragement Tour, the first time was last year. I still remember my first experience; I was a bit worried because I didn't know much about Leprosy. Especially when I thought about their sufferings throughout the years, in their spirits and bodies; as a boy growing up in a rich city it is really hard to understand these people. But when I first met them at the village, they greeted us with smiling faces rather than with sad faces. I was thinking, how come they can smile like that? If I were them, I don't know if I could do that - smile! Was it a forced smile or was there some other reason for it? At that moment, I really didn't know.

On the second day, we all went to their homes and invited them to join the afternoon drama that we had prepared. The scene of invitation will never come off from my memory. I actually couldn't remember everyone who I had invited but ONE I won't forgetˇV his living place was a long way, far from the hall. When I first saw him, he rounded his body in bed. After several rejections to my invitation he finally accepted. Then he came out from under his blanket and I was shocked. I found he didn't have any legs and (although I had seen him before I had forgotten) he also had no hands. Moreover, he looks like he has sensitive skin with small white spots peeling off from the surface of the skin. He moved quickly from his bed to the floor, then sat on a wooden board with wheels. I was slightly aghast. Well, totally stunned.ˇ§Have I done wrong?ˇ¨ I kept asking myself.ˇ§Is this too hard for him?ˇ¨ˇ§Should I ask him to come?ˇ¨ˇ§It seems like I forced him to come, but he still comes, is it unwillingly?ˇ¨ I was afraid I had hurt his heart.

But then I told myself, things have happened that you can't change, and he was then on the floor. We had to start our journey to get to the hall. It was about time to start the drama. All my other team members had gone back to the hall except us. We moved ahead slowly. Then, I suggested to him to let me push his wheel board as I really wanted him to see the drama. At first he refused, but after a while he accepted my idea. So I knelt down and started to push. Oh no! Here came another problem, this time it was not because of him but me. It's not because of the long way away from the hall, it's because his white skin came off from his body and stuck on my face and flew into my nose. It's really hard to find words to explain my feelings.

While I was struggling, there were two scriptures that came out from deep in my heart:ˇ§Even as the Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve.ˇ¨ˇ§Because you did it to the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.ˇ¨

I prayed to the Lord to not just give me the strength to get there but also give me love and faith. He answered my prayer. I did not struggle anymore but very happily pushed him. Not just a physical help but I did it willingly from deep in my heart. Although the journey was long, we both were very happy because when I knelt down I couldn't see what was ahead, then he became my eyes and I became his feet. We were going fast toward the hall, sometimes we fell into holes, but then we got back to our positions and moved ahead. Never give up! I believed he stepped out and I did not struggle but was built up by God's love. The laughing on the way showed the power of Love.

My legs were tired and I was exhausted when we finally got into the hall. But when I saw his happy face God's love was bonded between both of us. I thought this was the happiest moment and that nothing could compare with it in the world.

I have left Hong Kong for a period since the last time I visited the village. I missed the leprosy residents and sometimes when I was thinking about them, I would take out their photos and MMM teams' so as to recall my memories of those days. This time I came back for a short term break, MMM had another trip to this Leprosy Village. I am glad to go back and see the residents again. Especially for some of those who still remember me after the last trip nearly a year before, that brings a lot of joy.

At the end of my sharing, I would like to share a scripture with you: ˇ§We love, because God first love us!ˇ¨

In fact, there are many things happening that we don't understand, and we can't solve their problems immediately or understand their lives and what they have gone through. But by the act and commitment of love, everyone can share the love of Jesus to people around them. Also I believe that it is Christ's love and care which make them glad to see us ˇV with smile and happiness on their faces.

Would your hands be the next to give love and joy to others? For God has given us a pair of hands, I wish everyone could use them to show the love of Christ and to glorify Him!

(English translated from Chinese)




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