Knowing that your effort has been worthwhile!
Encouragement Team at leprosy village - English article

Boman Ho (28/2/2005),

My Godson Yip and I would like to take this chance to give our hearty.

Thanks to you and to God.

When I saw those survivors share their tragic lives with a big smile, a deep respect raised up from my inside. They have gone through so much...some other could not make it had committed suicide. There is nothing we could teach them, they know the cruel battle of life much better than we. All my son and I could do is to bring them the Good News... to tell them there is an Almighty God who remember them and send us to them. If we could brighten up their day just in few minutes; if we could draw their spirits to sing just one joyful song, all that we did is worthwhile. Yeah, they did sing and laugh and give thanks to Jesus. Not only that, during we were blessing and praying for them one by one, God has entrusted some of them mission to do! When we prayed for them and their family the ladies lay their hands on me and my son and bless us in return ------ We will in good health, my son and I would bring more joy to people, my son will have a big heart to serve the elderly, he will be given wisdom in his study and go further in university, he will listen and obey Jesus...How do they know what we need? Some of them just know who Jesus is minutes ago!

There were eight of us gathering, suddenly, one lady started to sing --- "

We are before the alter of God, we give thanks to God, we praise Him..." The song was so beautiful! We were in the presence of God and worshipping Him as a church. When we left, the lady kept singing, "Thank you my dear friend.

Thank you my dear friend. Goodbye, God bless you. Goodbye, God bless you..." Tears were in my eyes.

Thank you for the vision and mission of MMM. Your labour is never in vain.



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