Knowing that your effort has been worthwhile!
    VOLUNTEER :Betty Fung is a Board Member and has been on many MMM teams. On one project she was asked to collect some special baby milk formula from Hong Kong and take it with her to the project in China. When she heard there were five boxes (about 30KG) she didn't know how she could do it! Here is her summary of the story. - English article

Good Food- Good Messengers
What is the meaning of life? How long will you live? How much work did you do? What is your achievement for? A ChinaKidz’s baby, does not ask these questions because, like us they can’t control tomorrow. Most of them have had big health problems. When I first read from the Butterfly’s website I really felt sad and powerless.

Time and time again, when I join MMM projects, I have told myself two things. First of all, try my best to be a MMM lady by fully supporting all volunteers. No matter what; laundry, food preparation, etc., I hope we can all work well during these few weeks. Secondly, I hope I can use good time management and I can do my best focusing on this job so we can finish on time.

This is a wonderful trip for me to experience how great God is:
The story started two days before we headed off. 3 September (Friday) I received an email from Lyn (ChinaKidz Manager) Howard had forwarded me. She wanted the second week team members to give a hand bringing some donations from Hong Kong. So I contacted the donors and told Stephanie, who was in charge of the clinic some of the donations were coming from, that we had five team members that could bring the goods. So she packed up the special infant formula for us.

In my mind I planned to call one of our team members who can drive and pick up all the formula, but he was busy at work. When I confirmed with Stephanie on Saturday morning, she said she packed five boxes for me to take! Oh Dear! How could I take it by myself? In the meantime, my supervisor gave me a suggestion that I could use a big suitcase to carry the goods. So after work I brought a big suitcase and took it to Causeway Bay. Unbelievably a few minutes later the suitcase was stuffed with baby food. I worried I would have difficulty entering mainland China. I asked a doctor to write a reference letter for me just in case I was checked at Customs. Then I thought that some how I could arrange two other guys (Mr. Wu and Mr. Pang) to help. Since Nathan (Australia volunteer) and KK were new volunteers I thought it would be difficult for them to help me. However Stephanie helped me to put the suitcase onto the bus and I went to Jordon. I went to other donor and when she saw my suitcase still had some space, this foreign couple repacked the suitcase and put in more tins of baby powder until the suitcase was packed tight. It was no trouble for me to carry the suitcase since it had  wheels and I knew four guys would be accompanying me. My only hope was all the  things would be delivered to Butterfly Home safely. But the shaft handle of the suitcase was partly broken.
Sunday afternoon, five people helped to bring all the goods from Hong Kong to Chinakidz. This was the process:
May: She came back in the morning and when she heard my concerns she decided to come with us to Shenzhen just in case we couldn’t bring all tins, she would bring it back to Hong Kong. And she pointed out that we should accompany Nathan and use the Foreigner channel at customs with him. When we arrived on Shenzhen Station’s platform we saw some other ladies had also brought large amounts of baby powder to mainland China. Then, May felt that we should be OK, and she left us.
Mr. Pang: He took some of my other belongings otherwise I couldn’t bring everything.
Mr. Wu: He looked after the suitcase from Sheungshui to Lowu. When we arrived at the China Customs Department, the handle shaft of the suitcase was completely broken.
Nathan: Because all of us accompanied him to the Foreigner Channel which was so smooth and all luggage passed by the scanner without a problem. So amazing! Then, Nathan took a turn carefully carrying the suitcase now there was only the handle left for carrying it to the restaurant.
KK: We met him at Shenzhen. After dinner, he became the last team member to look after the suitcase. There was a long distance from the station to train. When we got onto the train, the last handle of the suitcase was totally wrecked.
Monday: we arrived at the Changsha train station; I looked at the suitcase, which still had two rollers but no shaft and handles. How could we carry it? KK asked someone to help put the suitcase on his shoulder. Then he just carried the suitcase on his shoulder walking over 30 minutes to the Butterfly House. It was really so heavy and so hard. Thank you so much to KK.
After Alan and Lyn opened the suitcase and checked all the things, there were 48 tins of baby powder. Both of them were so excited, so was I. Lyn expressed the babies were very weak, so the special infant formula was very important for them. So touching that we could start the “MMM project” on Friday. All of us leaning on “Serving those who serve”, put our efforts to finish our own part. Finally, we could empower someone. Surely, we can’t control our life if it is long or short? In that moment, we gave a blessing to the little babies, which was really, really a wonderful time.

Lord! Thank you so much you are our Almighty God. You show your strength and graciousness on those who are weak. When I looked at the suitcase, I was worried it might be held up by Customs. But God sent Nathan to make us go through the foreign channel. Then the suitcase slowly fell apart. It made us so helpless. But God prepared KK be our team member who was stronger enough to put the suitcase on his shoulder and deliver all the things to Butterfly House. Oh! Lord! It was so great that we can be part of your plan and work with you! We were not just goods and food messengers, we were Good messengers because of You. So amazing! Hallelujah.
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

(English translated from Chinese)



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