Sept 2014





Chan Yuk Yee
I am very grateful for having the opportunity to revisit the village. During my last trip, I was a bit worry and not able to walk around, particularly the houses located at the back of the village. This time, we could pay a visit at each of their home, pass over the presents to them, chat with them and know them better. It's an enjoyable experience to me. Regrettably, I also leant that some elder residents that I met have passed away. I wish all of the people at village well and look forward to seeing them again in the near future.

Deng Hang Sum
Many elder residents in the village joined the Mid Autumn Festival evening gala with us and watch the performance fabulously presented by our brothers and sisters of the Encouragement Tour. I enjoyed every moment working with all the teammates such as hanging the lantents, making tea, and cutting moon cakes. I want to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my fellows for all the best effort and contribution they made. Thank Lord for giving us such a beautiful and meaningful journey and memory!

Chan Po Yuen
I indeed appreciate the opportunity to visit the elder residents at leprosy village the two days trip was so short that we had to say farewell before we could know each other further.

Valued Memories:
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