Pray for MMM HK

1) Praise God for the commencement of GMC Green Mission Centre renovation works, a brand new green mission is established.

2) Pray for Jacky Chan, Centre officer, may LORD bless his health, and empower him with wisdom to lead the volunteers to serve together.

3) Pray for the GMC Project directors, Andrew, Samuel and Will, for mighty LORD double their wisdom, peace and same HEART to lead the Green mission.

4) Pray for the unfitness and unity of all MMMHK directors, can see LORD's big picture, always powerful and patient enough to serve MMMHK.

5) Pray for the 2nd Charity Sales and brothers / sister's full support to MMMHK.

Bible Verse: Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord

Romans 12:11

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