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Are you thinking MMM International (HK) Ltd. may be able to help you?

Here's what will happen

The process of application

1. Contact the MMM Hong Kong Centre to discuss your work application and to request an 'Application for Assistance' form.

2. We will like to visit with you to look at the proposed project.

3. Complete and return the 'Application for Assistance' form to the MMM Hong Kong Office. It is helpful to us if you provide as much information as possible.

4. The Application for Assistance will be assessed and if accepted will be scheduled into the MMM work program. You will be kept informed and notified in writing.

5. We will then liaise with you further as we prepare a team for the project.

What is expected from the applicant group

1. To allow MMM an opportunity to promote the ministry of MMM with your members and friends.

2. Plans and Engineer's reports prepared if required.

3. The project to be built must have all the necessary permits and approval from local government bodies.

4. Finances to cover the cost of materials for the project and in particular supply of building materials for the team.

5. We would prefer the work site must be covered by Public Liability Insurance.

6. It is hoped that local people will work along side the MMM Team. One of the aims of MMM is to encourage local people and work with them rather than doing all the work alone.

7. We appreciate it if the Applicant group can provide meals where possible. This should be discussed with the Project Coordinator.

8. We encourage the Applicant Group to involve the MMM team in their ministry in some way where practical.

Preparing for the teams arrival

1. Dates will be set jointly with the Applicant Group.

2. If necessary, we will gather an international team. Advertisements for volunteers need to be placed well in advance. Please allow the maximum time possible till project start date.

3. We will arrange with the Applicant Group for team needs such as accommodation, meals, tools, travel, etc.

4. An MMM Team Leader will be appointed to co-ordinate the team and project.

During the project

Morning tea is a special time of each day in the life of MMM teams worldwide. As well as refreshments, a devotional prayer time is held, to which the Applicant's members are welcome. Generally the duration, including refreshments is 25-30 minutes.

Fellowship meals with members of the Applicant group will promote good interest and support of the project as it proceeds and foster a greater commitment to your ongoing ministry.


Financially the Applicant is under no obligation to MMM International (Hong Kong) for labour donated, as it is MMM's God given charter to 'build and renovate' to assist the spread of the Gospel.

The Mission and its Fulltime Staff are supported by freewill donations as God prompts people to give. If you do choose to support the Mission, gifts should be sent to:- MMM International (HK) Limited, UNIT A 10/F, VIET LUEN FTY BLDG, 126 WAI YIP ST., KWUN TONG, HONG KONG.

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