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Short-term awareness trips in HONG KONG and MAINLAND CHINA.

Encouragement Teams are designed to bring about greater awareness of the needs of people in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Simple tasks such as painting or cleaning are often a new experience for some. Two or three days, usually at weekends, are spent learning how to serve and share God's love with needy people, showing them God's love in a practical way.

MMM has been serving those who are living in "Leper Colonies" (Leprosy Villages) in China. Currently, we run a few trips each year. Join us to experience the blessing of serving.

Coming up! Please ring MMM office at 5508 6090 for details.


Check out the links below of some previous MMM Encouragement Tours for your interest:


To a Leprosy Village ( 18 people & 3 MMM team ) Sept 2014 >>> See photos & sharing

To a Leprosy Village ( 10 people & 4 MMM team ) Jan 2013 >>> See photos

To a Leprosy Village ( 18 people went ) 14 volunteers & 4 MMM team  >>> See photos & details
This was the wonderful serving trip with so many residents keen for our help we didn't have time to help everyone!

To a Leprosy Village ( 12 people went ) 9 volunteers & 3 MMM team >>> See photos & details
Wow! This time we made "Tong Yuen" a traditional Chinese
acy for the every villager. It's all about friendship!
We wanted to show them how much they were treasured.

To a Leprosy Village ( 21 people went ) 17 volunteers & 4 MMM team
>>> See photos & details
How amazing to see volunteers put up a drama just
the night before. Our clowns also brought a lot of laughter
and fun.

To a Leprosy Village ( 21 people went ) 16 volunteers & 5 MMM team >>> See photos & details
If you weren't on this team, you missed out on seeing the
unpredictable enjoyment of the villagers when they
saw our newspaper dressed soliders marching around.

To a Leprosy Village ( 10 people went ) 6 volunteers & 4 MMM team >>> See photos & details
Chinese New Year Blessings! Who said that our foreign
volunteers didn't know how to write Chinese calligraph?
They've done it amazingly good job

To a Leprosy Village ( 21 people went ) 15 volunteers & 6 MMM team >>> See photos & details
We loved to use colorful balloons to brighten up the village.
Therefore, many balloons were used in the drama we did.

Get to know more about leprosy, see what these people said:

"We have drugs for people with diseases like leprosy" "But these drugs do not treat the main problem, the disease of being unwanted. That's what my sisters hope to provide."
- Mother Teresa

"We are treating a person not a disease. Learning to love the individual. People are created in the image of God. You would not think a leprosy village is the place you would learn about the infinite worth of human beings. But God sent his son to die for each one here in this place."
- Dr Paul Brand


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