Building ... Empowering People


In 1981 MMM Australia was invited to assist with building a Christian Youth Centre in Shatin. An international work team of 30 people served for three months to help provide a new concept youth centre. This project led to the commencement of the work of MMM in East Asia. MMM International Hong Kong is responsible for MMM projects within Hong Kong and China. We have a full-time team, with volunteers and international work teams assisting when required. We serve  various Christian organizations through our building and maintenance ministry.

What we do

MMM is a voluntary international organisation established to help other Christian groups with their building and maintenace needs. Groups such as mission centres, orphanges, drug rehabilitation facilities, family and youth centres, education and health facilities, churches and camps. MMM workers provide their labour and advice free of charge to the groups assisted. All materials are provided for the project by the applicant. Through this, those assisted are released from the burden of building and maintenance problems and focus on their core activities. The MMM team use their skills to provide buildings to help make the work more effective.

Missions benefit

Many mission organizations have benefited from the assistance of MMM in the renovating of existing or establishing of new offices in Hong Kong. New offices help these missions be more efficient in their work and as a result more effective in their efforts in the gospel. We enjoy the times of working together with the mission staff. 

    Assisting Drug rehabilitation centers

MMM have assisted three centers that help men and women break the chain of drug addiction. At one Centre, MMM helped by replacing the roof and roof supports on the old stone building.  The wooden roof support timbers were being destroyed by white ants and were in danger of collapse. New steel roof sheets and insulation was installed. The MMM team were pleased to see the changed lives of some of the residents as they worked together on the job.

    Lifting up leprosy sufferers
    What a difference it can make

Touching the hearts of those who suffer. It is remarkable how a paintbrush and a pair of hands can make a sad face happy. Leprosy has brought about isolation for many people from their local community. Medical science can do much to cure the leprosy but their isolation remains. MMM teams go to serve these needy people. Cleaning and painting rooms, just a basic help, but given with a hug and a friendly smile, a chat and even a prayer.

    Caring for orphans
    Building lives as well as buildings

In a rich society it is easy to forget there are so many needy children. God calls on His people to be His hands in service to them. MMM supports those who serve these needy children, through building and maintenance work in orphanages. By improving the living environment, providing suitable facilities for training and for the care of the children, we are able to make a difference in their lives. Old buildings are transformed and new facilities are provided but the most important thing is the transformed lives of the children who live there. 

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